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IMOT in Action (Picture)

Hippotherapy: One of many tools we incorporate with our Intensive Model of Therapy.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Some IMOT Testimonials


After IMOT Week 2 Sarah C. wrote:

“MMPT is a wonderful place to be. The entire staff is very friendly and welcoming. From our first day here they treated us like family. They welcomed us unto their hearts and their lives. MMPT is very open to any suggestions you may have to improve their clinic. My daughter Sarah has made great strides in our three weeks here. We have already booked another session and can’t wait to come back. If you are a family, look at MMPT for therapy, I promise you will love it. The entire staff truly loves children and cares for each and everyone of them.”

After week 3 she wrote:

“Our family is very thankful for all that MMPT has done for us. As parents of a special needs child, things are not always easy. We feel very welcome here. They opened their hearts and family to us. Our family loves being here.
Thank you for all you have given to us.
S.C. (parent initials)


IMOT Jan 2007

Rhonda E. wrote:

“My goal for Josh, as probably any mother of a handicapped child, is for him to have as normal of a life as possible. I would love for him to be able to walk, run, ride a bike, play football, etc., but I know that it is not realistic. But I can say that in the seven years that he has been a patient at MMPT, he has made a lot of progress. I remember when he could not hold his head up or sit up by himself. It has been with the years of dedication and hard work from you guys, that we have come so far. I have the easy job, getting him to therapy; you have the hard job. Thanks for all you do. We love you guys."

Imot-April 2007

Olin S. wrote:

“My time at MMPT has been enjoyable. From the first contact, it was apparent that all the staff and the therapists were interested in helping me to improve my quality of life.
Explanations for what would be done and the expected outcomes were fully explained. Reality of the possible limitations were discussed, but optimism prevailed. Imot is
just as intense as I thought it would be. I truly appreciate the fact that the therapists continue to push me even if I seem to want to rest. My wife has appreciated being included in all of the procedures. It is a relaxing, though tiring workout each day.”



Week One - Tiffany F. wrote:

“Every thing about this place is absolutely wonderful!
I was so impressed the first day I got here. The appearance
of the clinic is very appropriate for children very colorful and happy. We were formally introduced to everyone and everyone was so nice and welcoming.”

Week Two - Tiffany F. wrote:

“We love it here!”

Week Three - Tiffany F. wrote:

“We have really enjoyed being here. We can’t wait to come back in April. Part of me hates to go home, only because I know he will not get the therapy and love he gets at MMPT. We have been to lots of different therapy places with Jace, and no where compare to MMPT. Everyone in the clinic is on a personal level with us and makes you feel like family.”


IMOT 2006

Week One - Cherie W. wrote:

“From day one, Melanie has been good to us and was willing and available to us, and her team has been too. You always have our best interest at heart. You have been a blessing to us and I thank God for that. I can see Craig will need on going therapy and I will try my best to provide for him. Thanks for sharing. “ Phil 1:29

IMOT Action Photos (Pictures)

The following pictures were taken during IMOT sessions at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy (MMPT).

More pictures appear below; scroll down to view.

We love what we do here at MMPT, and we believe it shows.

Karl and me in the neurosuit.

Neurosuit Activity

Standing Tall

Working in The Spider Cage

Who said work can't be fun?

The smiles say it all.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Do You Need Hope for Your Spouse or Child?

“…Your heart must ever cherish some faith at any cost, some hope, some dream to cling to, some rainbow in the sky, some melody to sing to, some service that is high.”

-Harriet Du Autermon-

It’s unfortunate that the parents of many special needs and learning disabled children prematurely lose hope and resign themselves to accept their child’s limitations as permanent. MMPT asks you not to do that until you bring your child to our clinic.

You see, we at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy offer hope to parents of children afflicted with a wide range of disorders. From children with learning disabilities to those profoundly affected by mental and/or physical defect, MMPT’s Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology departments can affect positive changes in the kids we serve, even after they seemed to reach a progress plateau at other facilities.

With physical therapy, we offer cutting edge approaches and techniques to improve our kids, and in turn, their parents quality of life. One such approach is known as the Intensive Model of Therapy also known as IMOT.

IMOT is a state of the art intensive therapy program which, if implemented, would be tailored to your child’s specific needs and goals. Our IMOT program has a proven track record of getting results where traditional therapy programs seemed to have reached their full potential. Please contact our office to learn more about our IMOT program.

In addition to all the functionally challenged kids we help in our Occupational Therapy department we also offer hope to parents of academically challenged children. With our cutting edge programs such as Brain Train, visiovestibular program, and therapeutic listening, we address concentration and attention disorders, as well as visual perception and sensory motor issues the result of which results in improved academic performance.

We are often complemented by parents who say they had little or no success in other programs, but observed significant improvements in their children’s school work through our efforts.

In our Speech Language Pathology (SLP) department, the parents of our children (just as with the other departments) often make progress here where little to no progress was noted elsewhere. Ultimately, it’s our dedicated professional staff that makes the difference in the lives of our kids and their parents.

If hope for your child’s future has diminished because of a lack of progress elsewhere, you can be assured that we can be your rainbow in the sky and your dream to hold on to. To that end, we are dedicated to the high service of helping, and have the utmost faith in our ability to affect positive changes in the children we serve. Please feel free to contact us and schedule an in-house tour. Speaking with our staff, and observing us in action may be all it takes to give you hope enough to persevere.

Melanie Massey's Interdisciplinary Approach

You heard the adage, “Two heads are better than one.” Well here at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy, we take the phrase to heart, and put all our heads together, maximizing outcomes for our kids and adults. We are able to do this since we have the advantages of Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Language Pathology (SLP) located in the same clinical setting.

By taking advantage of this situation when ever possible, we become better able to improve our kid’s outcomes by making selected individual department goals, common goals. `To that end, our PT department often provides stable goal directed positioning of patients while OT and SLP works more effectively toward their individual goals.

For example, if one of our kids with Cerebral Palsy is positioned by the PT for lower extremity weight bearing in a freedom stander, instead of simply standing there doing nothing, our PT and/or OT finds this is a perfect opportunity to work with the child on upper extremity strength and control, or manipulations of objects at midline or any number of goals involving the trunk, upper extremity and or head. Additionally, depending on the child’s particular needs, the SLP could use this standing time to address his/her goals as well. In another instance, the physical therapist might simply encourage counting vocalizations by the child paying particular attention to SLP goals.

Here’s another example of our interdisciplinary approach: In the OT clinic, the therapist may want a child to gain trunk control which is necessary in donning a shirt. In the PT clinic, the therapist may want the same child to improve trunk stability, improving his/her ability to ambulate with a walker. Here, the OT and the PT, depending on the situation, might work together addressing trunk control/stability (eliminating duplication of services) allowing more time for working on the functional tasks of dressing and ambulation.

Sometimes, since physical therapy is often much more strenuous than Occupational therapy and Speech Language pathology, we’ll arrange our sessions based on the clients tolerance making physical therapy the last session of that child’s day, which helps ensure better participation in the other departments.

When situations warrant, we work with doctors to safely maximize our influence on client goals as related to functional performance of speech, OT, and PT goals. That said, we give the utmost attention to client medical history and medications which could have a significant impact on the methods we use to provide treatment.

At MMPT, every effort is made to address parental concerns and build lasting relationships with children and parents alike. Feel free to contact our clinic to arrange an in-house tour where you can meet our wonderful staff and see for yourself how effective a well established interdisciplinary approach can be for your child.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Neurosuit at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy

One of the many tools at MMPT’s IMOT team’s disposal is called the Neurosuit. This suit consists of a vest, shorts, modified tennis shoes, fabric knee/elbow pads, head covering and gloves. These suit components are used as anchor points for rubber chords, which are used to perform a number of functions.

With our Physical therapists professional education and experience, he is able to individualize each suit’s configuration to target our client’s various needs. Diagnoses for Neurosuit use.

Many of the following apply to suit use on both children and adults.

· Cerebral Palsy
· Traumatic Brain Injury
· Athetosis
· Hypotonia (low motor tone)
· Hypertonia (spasticity)
· Autism
· Sensory Integration Disturbances
· Down Syndrome
· Developmental delays
· Ataxia
· Post - stroke (CVA)
· Post - trauma
· Central Nervous System disorders
· Sport injuries
· Vestibular disorders
· Spina Bifida

Neurosuit Benefits

* Provides external stabilization and tactile stimulation
* Dynamically Promotes normal body alignment
* Normalizes muscle tone
* Improves balance
* Re-trains the central nervous system
* Normalizes (corrects) gait pattern
* Improves coordination
* Decreases uncontrolled movement in ataxia and athetosis
* Supports weak muscles
* Enhances strength (through resistance) in healthier muscles
* Promotes development of both fine and gross motor skills
* Improves bone density
* Aids in decreasing contractures
Influences vestibular system
Improves body and spatial awareness
Improves speech production and fluency by increasing trunk and head support

Saturday, August 18, 2007

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